Letter to the editor about Jeremy Nielson

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, October 25th, there was a rally at a local restaurant for School Board Candidate Jeremy Nielson. Representative Tom McMillin, who has endorsed Jeremy’s candidacy for Rochester Community Schools board of education, spoke to a small group of people urging them to support his candidate, Jeremy Nielson.

20 days prior to this event, state Rep. Tom McMillin, R-Rochester Hills introduced
House Bill No. 5039. This bill would would prohibit state agencies and units of local government – such as cities, townships, counties, school districts, and public and community colleges – from adopting any ordinance or policy that includes, as a protected class, any classification not included in the state’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act. Any classifications within in current ordinances or policies would be null and void.
Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act of 1976 prohibits discrimination based on “religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, familial status, or marital status.” The Elliott-Larsen act does not specifically protect people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, etc. Many state public institutions and municipalities have protections for those of alternative sexual orientations. With a quick google search of Tom McMillin, one can easily surmise that this isn’t his first rodeo when it comes to attacking the gay community.

I am troubled by the introduction of this legislation and even more troubled that it is being introduced by the State Rep who represents the community of Rochester Hills, MI. Michigan has always been the state that people have moved to for opportunity and to avoid discrimination. Why wouldn’t we want to allow individual communities and public institutions to provide additional protections to citizens who are more vulnerable to discrimination? Does this community want to be associated with the introduction of this type of legislation? These were just some of my thoughts as I enjoyed a Shiner Boch as Tom and Jeremy gave their speeches in the back room of the restaurant.

For the vulnerable and families of the vulnerable in our community, I hope that our local leaders and aspiring local leaders like Jeremy Nielson will closely examine and question their political relationships with those who introduce and support legislation like House Bill No. 5039. If a municipality or public institution cannot protect those who need it the most, are we really moving forward as a community?
Tim Maurer. Rochester Hills, MI

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  1. This as an attempt to bully. “Beware… anyone who is friends with Tom McMillin is going to be chastised, shunned, and outcast.” Ironically, it’s just a slight variation of the very principle Tim is attempting to champion.

    Tom McMillin has done some great things in Lansing, and space limitations, and quite frankly, the topic, leave that for another time. This guy has NEVER ONCE even tried to talk to Tom.

    Tim makes an awful lot of assumptions here, and narrow-mindedly ignores the fact that there is another side to the story. I am not going to debate or defend this legislation, but there is a line of thinking that says we water down our anti-discrimination laws by making them SO specific that they actually start to create loopholes because other hate-crime victims are EXCLUDED. I would hope we would agree that hate crimes and discrimination against anyone, for any reason, is wrong.

    Jeremy is running for school board, and Tim shamelessly attempts to twist this unrelated, obscure legislation into a school issue.

    Reread Tim’s letter. He says “Tom endorsed Jeremy.” He then spends the entire length of his letter talking about Tom.

    If Tim has a problem with McMillin’s legislation, then why didn’t he write a letter about that? Why does he need to drag Jeremy in, McCarthy-style?

    Tim never mentions any of Jeremy’s thoughts or positions on any school-related issues, or how they compare and contrast against his opponents. There is not one single mention of any school issues in Tim’s letter. He just bullies Jeremy because of his friends.

    Jeremy is a simple, honest dad who wants to improve our schools, and now he’s got this joker slinging mud at him. This is the reason people don’t want to help communities… because they will face bullies like Tim Maurer.

  2. Dear Mr. Reno,
    It is obvious to me that you have not read the letter. Mr. Maurer is asking political leaders to review their relationships and alliances. Nothing more. It appears to me that you are the bully and have been for quite some time as evident on the Reno Patch. Any person can do their own research on Tom McMillin and see that he has a poor relationship with our homosexual community, why would Nielson want to be associated with him? This scares me and many others.

  3. Mr. Reno,
    I also am concerned as to why you think Mr. Maurer wrote this letter because of who he is friends with? I have met Mr. Maurer a handful of times and can tell you the man I met was an intelligent, hard working individual. He did not strike me as someone who is a follower, more of a leader. All he has said is look who your potential school board member supports. This is an assumption of course, but If Nielson let McMillin endorse him then he must also support his views in some way, shape, or form. I was a straight ticket Republican for many years, but have since decided that it might not be the right choice. I now take more time to read everything so that I can make an educated decision. I am sure Nielson is a good man, but he made a poor choice in who he chose to let endorse him. I have also read everything you have written in various media outlets and have to wonder if some of the things you say might have a potential to hurt Mr. Nielson.

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