Letter to the Editor about Mayor Barnett

Dear Editor,

I know it may sound cliché, but when I think of Mayor Barnett, the first thing that comes to mind is that he is the “real deal.”  Many politicians put on a front or change who they are when they are elected, and it’s been amazing to see someone like the Mayor remain true to his goals and standards for the last five years.

Having young children, I often see the Barnett family at various community events and their kids playing alongside mine.  Whether speaking to city officials or on the sidelines at a softball game, Mayor Barnett takes the time to connect with each person that he encounters.

There are not many cities that can say they really know their elected officials — especially the Mayor.  Most people couldn’t even name them.  That is not the case in Rochester Hills.  Mayor Barnett is a staple in our community and a supporter of positive change for today and the next generation.  I’m excited to see him continue making this a great city for the next four years.

– Jen Wood

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