Letter to the Editor, About the Mayoral Race of Rochester Hills

Dear Editor,

As August 2nd approaches, I am excited to join fellow voters to gladly retain Bryan Barnett as the mayor of Rochester Hills.

As a new resident, having moved from downtown Rochester, and childhood resident of Oakland Township, I have been able to follow the changes over the decades in our area. In the past few years, I’ve noticed how Rochester Hills has really become one of the best places to raise a family, due to many improvements Mayor Bryan Barnett has made.

As the Mayor himself is a father of young children, I’m confident he will make choices for our city that are great for young families and business professionals alike. I also have met a surprising number of young families this year that have moved into Rochester Hills from out-of-state. At a time when the media wants to bash Michigan and give press to those leaving our area, apparently the Mayor and Rochester Hills are doing a great job of attracting people to our area despite the odds.

As you go to vote this year, please vote to keep Mayor Barnett in office, keeping our great family city moving in the magnetic way it already is.


Heidi Morris , Rochester Hills

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  1. Anonymous says

    Barnett is the status quo. He has done little for the city of Rochester Hills – even using the 4th of July fireworks display as a campaign ploy. We are tired of extravagant government.

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