Letter to the Editor: Barnett Doing a Great Job

Dear Rochester Hills Voter,

If you have not yet decided who to vote for as mayor, I would encourage you to watch the League of Women Voter candidate’s night. Mayor Barnett did an excellent job in keeping his cool in spite of the misinformation given out. He was thoughtful in his comments and stayed positive throughout the evening.

A city our size should probably have a city manager and it doesn’t. In the past, we have had mayors that had to give up authority to the administration because of their lack of qualifications, leadership and management abilities. I’m not willing to cast aside someone that is doing a good job for us simply because of one part of our Cities’ term limits ordinance (Section 8.15). Mayor Barnett is exercising the other part of that same ordinance. Good for us that he is. Rochester Hills has remained successful throughout these tough economic times.

Don’t cast him aside when he is doing a GREAT job for us. Join me in voting for one of the most insightful leaders Rochester Hills has ever had. Write in Bryan Barnett on the line provided on the ballot for mayor and fill in the circle. GO BRYAN BARNETT!!

Darlene W. Janulis

30-Year Resident

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  1. Agree with one thing – A city our size should have a city manager. Perhaps a manager could start to cut through all the sweetheart deals to friends and developers.
    Until such time – Ravi Yalamanchi is experienced with 8 years on Council and voted in place many of the policies that residents are enjoying, and the term limited Mayor is now taking full credit for!

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