Letter to the Editor: Barnett Exceeds Expectations

As a long-term member of our community, I am writing to share my strong support for Bryan Barnett in the upcoming mayoral election. I have known Mayor Barnett for many years and have watched him work tirelessly for the good of our city. I can honestly say Mayor Barnett has exceeded our expectations as to what city government is able to achieve.

I believe the Mayor’s unprecedented success is due to his strong moral and personal character. His relentless commitment to excellence and dedication to service are evident in all he does. His love of family, church, and community is the foundation on which he stands for leading Rochester Hills. During his administration, we have been recognized locally, regionally, and nationally for being a great place to live. This winning strategy does not happen by accident but by design, hard work, and commitment.

Mayor Barnett is a proven winner and I strongly urge you to join me in writing him in on November 3. Let’s keep this good (winning) thing going!

John Modetz, Director Modetz Funeral Home


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  1. I have decided how I am going to vote. For every positive mailer I receive I will award that candidate 1 point. I will then deduct 1 point for every negative mailer. The most points win. I realize that sounds silly, but I have been vocal about our Mayors decision to run a negative campaign. His competitor has primarily been responding, but has strayed a few times himself. I happen to think things are going quite well in our city. That said , I and I imagine others , will not vote for any candidate who relys on negative campaigning rather than focusing on accomplishments and plans for the future. My vote is still open. Let’s see how both candidates choose to spend their remaining days in this election.

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