Letter to the Editor: Best is Yet to Come Under Yalamanchi Leadership

To Whom It May Concern:

As a long time Rochester Hills Resident, business owner and involved in many community organizations, I find it disconcerting that the current Barnett administration insults the intelligence of Rochester Hills residents by cheap gimmicks and mockery of our City Charter. Historically, terms limits have been abided by every Mayor that has held office since 1984. Bryan Barnett has served nearly 10 years in office as Mayor (2 years of the previous Mayor) and 6 years on City Council. In that time he has grandstanded and self promoted for the benefit of no one but his personal political aspirations. In his wake he has disenfranchised residents and has totally disregarded the voice of the voting electorate but MOST importantly disrespected our City Charter time and time again. I for one say to our residents, be aware before you know it our beloved City with a beautiful residential character will be destroyed environmentally by someone who takes more time communicating to Madonna than listening to the Voice of his constituents. Our family wants what is best for Rochester Hills. Ravi Yalamanchi is an experienced man with high ethical standards to start leading from Day 1. The best is yet to come under his leadership.

Linda Davis-Kirksey

Rochester Hills, MI

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  1. Scot Beaton says

    Linda Davis-Kirksey … continues to publish misinformation to support her candidate, who also continues to publish misinformation. Tell someone a lie over and over again and there are those who will start believing what you say is true. The original Rochester Hills City Charter did not have term limits. Since the change to include term limits and write-ins ever third term Mayor Ken Snell failed on his bid for a second term on the ballot to Pat Somerville. And she stepped down from office before the end of her term do to health reasons, and the City Council appointed Bryan Barnett to fill out her term.

    Linda Davis-Kirksey these are the FACTS if you can’t publish the truth stop publishing. You are damaging your great reputation in our area supporting Ravi Yalamanchi for mayor with misinformation.

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