Letter to the Editor: Business Community Supports Bryan Barnett

To the editor:

My husband Ravi and I are the owners and operators of both Tim Hortons locations in Rochester Hills. Over the last two years we have gotten to know Mayor Barnett and have been wonderfully impressed. He has supported our growing business and has proven to genuinely care about our operations. We are proud to do business in the Safest City in Michigan and Ravi and I look forward to writing in Bryan Barnett to keep this good thing going!

Anita and Ravi Saini


  1. Of course! Tim Hortons – Barnett donor. He’s crammed through whatever Tim Horton’s wants through Planning Commission and Council. They get whatever they want with Barnett as Mayor. They want to keep THEIR good thing going, regardless of traffic and zoning

    • Margaret,
      It’s shame you feel that way. Please talk to the Avondale area youth and Rochester area youth, RRCC and other local charities what their contributions are to the community.

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