Letter to the Editor from Dee Hilbert

It is the last week before the Rochester Hills’ elections and our incumbent mayor sees fit to drag me through the mud with the letter he sent to voters this week.
He has every right to respond to a flyer, but why must he bring up my name at all? Why bring a council candidate’s name into a mayoral candidate’s letter? Who is the mayor running against, council candidates?
I have never “blamed” anyone or indicated I want to “reverse the course” in Rochester Hills as stated in his letter. Anyone who has known me for the 15+ years I have been involved in local issues, knows I do not engage in negative, anonymous attacks.
Mayor Barnett and his supporters have run negative/slate campaigns in 2007, 2009 and now in 2011. The office of Mayor should be held to high moral standards. Sadly this is not the case.
My campaign and my efforts have always been and always will be based on facts and the issues. I have stuck to my guns and have run an independent, non-partisan campaign. I wish our mayor would do the same. I pledge to work with who ever is elected, Council and mayor.
I encourage voters to evaluate and be informed on all issues and candidates. I ask, if you receive or hear anything that concerns you about any candidate, please contact him/her and allow them the opportunity to respond.
If you want an independent voice on Council, please vote for me on November 8th.

Dee Hilbert
At Large Candidate
Rochester Hills

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