Letter to the Editor: Hamlin Road & the Penberthy Family

I am appalled that as a former City Council President I have to read this inĀ The Detroit News and Rochester Patch!

  1. Where is the press release from the Mayor’s office that takes ownership for the entire Hamlin Road project!
  2. Where is the press release from the Mayor’s office that Rochester Hills will do everything in it’s power to assist this family!
  3. Where is the press release that the City will take personally responsible for all inconvenience and damages to this property!
  4. Where is the press release that the City will cover all legal fees… this family should never have had to hire an attorney to recover the damages!
  5. Where is the press release that the City will not pay the contractor for their service until all payments have been paid to this family to fix their damages!
  6. Where is the press release from our Mayor that publicly apologizes for any inconvenience to this family and he takes personal responsibility!

I request a press release be published by our Mayor immediately and sent out to all local news media that covers my points!

Scot Beaton, Rochester Hills

Political Experience: Former Rochester Hills City Council member 1988 to 1997

President, Rochester Hills City Council (2 Years)

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  1. President Bush had his Katrina moment, Govenor Synder had his with Flint lead water, now our Mayor has his opportunity to avoid the mistake they both made. Leadership means stepping up, not waiting for the system to address a terrible situation. President Bush should have had helicopters in the air as we all watched in horror on TV. Our Govenor should have ordered the water line in Flint to be reconnected that day he heard children were drinking lead water and Our Mayor should pick up the phone and make sure this family has the full support of their city. What they all seemed to miss, is that the citizens would have been 100% behind them in all these cases.

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