Letter to the Editor: Police Millage

Michael Webber, Vice President, Rochester Hills City Council

How does a community like Rochester Hills sustain strong city services and maintain a consistently low tax rate among its Oakland County neighbors? It takes planning and preparation with a multi-year budget approach. It takes innovation from city leaders and residents who come together to solve complex issues. It takes dedication – a strong commitment from everyone to prioritize wants vs. needs and sustain those needs into the future.

The Police Millage ballot proposal on August 7th is critical for our community. The proposal will dedicate a portion of our tax dollars towards police services for the next ten years. Instead of a bigger General Fund/Discretionary budget, this proposal will reduce discretionary spending and dedicate the amount needed for police (including inflation). I believe this is good fiscal planning born out of long-term budget preparation.

The council has already approved a reduction of the General Fund by 2.5 mills should this proposal pass, which will keep the city at our current millage rate. Residents can look at our three-year budget plan and economic forecast to see that the council has a commitment to work within the current millage rate.

As a member of both the citizen-led Police and Road Technical Review Committee and the City Council, I am proud to support this proposal. I hope that you will join with me in voting for dedicated, sustainable funding for Police Services without increasing taxes in Rochester Hills.

Michael Webber

Vice President, Rochester Hills City Council

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