Letter to the Editor: Ravi Respects Rochester Hills and its Residents

As November 3rd approaches and the all-important election for Mayor of Rochester Hills nears, I reflect on the campaign and see the contrasts between the candidates. One side continues to try to trick the public by using false negative tactics of providing disinformation and tries to justify not following the intent of the city charter that calls for only two elected terms. Bryan Barnett wants to keep his “good old boy system” in place. This system has been in effect too long, and it does not listen to the desires of the citizens of Rochester Hills. It has allowed oil and gas to come into our city and has not respected our zoning restrictions. He is running a very negative campaign which is not called for in today’s environment.

In contrast, Ravi Yalamanchi, who respects the city charter, maintains a positive campaign of integrity and honesty. I know Ravi. I know his background both professionally and personality. I know his work ethic, and he always listens to input from the residents of Rochester Hills. Having observed him during his eight years on City Council, I have seen how he takes the budget process very seriously, and how he supported the needs of the City while not wasting our resources. Ravi’s campaign is based on his education, reputation and knowledge and has remained positive and open, focusing on the future and not the past. He will protect the residential character of our city that has attracted us here in the first place. It is time to bring honesty and integrity to the Mayor’s office. Elect Ravi Yalamanchi mayor on November 3rd.

Bill Windscheif


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