Letter to the Editor: Rochester Hills Election

As a parent in Rochester Hills, I respect the fact that Mayor Barnett, and his family, are active members in our community. I have come across the mayor and his family at many community events, even when he is not performing “mayor duties.” This shows that the mayor and his family truly love and care about our city, which is exactly the type of person I want leading our Rochester Hills! I also, greatly respect the fact that his children attend Rochester Community Schools. This proves that he is just as proud of our great school system, its hard-working administration, teachers, and professionals, as the rest of the community with children in our school district. I want a leader who is a part of this community and values what it has to offer just like any other resident would.  Mayor Barnett has proven that he is that type of leader.

Another thing I am quite proud of is that Mayor Barnett has invested in public safety and has helped get us the title of “The Safest City in Michigan.” Our own public safety members recognize the importance and value in this title under Barnett’s administration. Rochester Hills Professional Firefighters Local 3472 have come out saying they officially endorse Mayor Barnett for a third term. Not only as a resident, but as a parent raising children in this community, that means A LOT to me!

Rather than promoting his own ideas for success in our city, the majority of Ravi Yalamanchi’s campaign has been in opposition to Mayor Barnett’s administration, particularly regarding the oil and gas leases. In fact, any supporters of Ravi’s I have come across are supporters in large part, if not entirely, because of this issue. What is unfortunate to me, is that people have not educated themselves on getting all of the facts. The Rochester Hills city website (www.rochesterhills.org) has information regarding this issue that is readily available for residents to view. The city office is also open to any questions people might have in regards to this matter. I encourage people to get informed before blindly following what others are telling you to think as part of a campaign strategy. A candidate should be elected because of what he will do for our community (or has proven to do) and NOT because he has attempted to minimize the qualities of the other candidate.

Some things to keep in mind when you go to vote on Tuesday, November 3. Under Mayor Barnett’s administration:

  • Our city’s bond rating has improved to AAA (the highest that can be received)
  • We have one of the lowest tax rates in relation to other cities of our size
  • Over 5000 new jobs have come to our city and our unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the state
  • We are one of the 10 best places to live in America
  • We are the safest city in Michigan
  • We are the #1 recycling city in Michigan

At this point, and the amount of success our city has had, it would be like pulling a pitcher when he’s in the middle of a no-hitter. It just doesn’t make sense. On November 3, let’s write-in, fill-in, and keep a good thing going with Bryan Barnett!


Amanda Shankin

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  1. Ron Kevern says

    Bryan Barnett is the right choice. I have known him for many years and
    know his dedication to the city and to doing the job right. They do
    not come any more honest than Bryan. Write him in; he has done the job.

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