Letter to the Editor: Rochester Hills is a Strong, Safe City

To the Editor:

As residents of Rochester Hills, there are many things we love about our city but at the top of the list is how safe we feel. We love our strong community where we look out for each other and the day to day safety we enjoy. We love that we can walk after dark without feeling uncomfortable or having to look over my shoulder. To us, it is a blessing that we are able to have our kids play outside without having to worry about anything more than a scrapped knee or a banged elbow. We are both truly grateful for that.

Equally, if not more important, is the top notch police and fire protection we enjoy in Rochester Hills. Under the direction of Mayor Barnett, this administration’s support of the Police and Fire Department has made our city an even safer place to live and raise our family. Thanks to the Mayor’s vision and willingness to enhance public safety in our city, we are able to rest easy knowing our outstanding public safety teams are well trained, well equipped, and at the ready.

We encourage our fellow residents of Rochester Hills to join us in keeping Mayor Barnett at the helm of our city. His attention to detail and steadfast support of our police and fire protection cannot be underestimated. Write-in Bryan Barnett for Mayor and keep our city safe. Thank you.

Dr. Michael and Mrs. Kim Williams

Rochester Hills Residents

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  1. Dr. Nancy JW Lewis says

    Rochester Hills isn’t that safe. We have a drug abuse problem that is being ignored by the Mayor.

    At a recent Detroit community forum on drug abuse, a U.S. DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) agent waved away a question about heroin use in Detroit and said the real heroin problem is in suburbs like Rochester Hills and he talked about deaths occurring among Rochester-Adams High School teens due to heroin overdoses. I mentioned his comments at a neighborhood meeting and heard a chorus of agreement. Heroin use is on the rise in our city and with it comes crime and violence. The September heroin bust on Butler’s Ridge reflects a thriving drug market. Most Rochester Hills residents get their heroin through drug deals that occur within Rochester Hills.

    I’m glad you feel that your children are safe. But the reality is we can’t afford to support leadership that paints a false picture of Rochester Hills as an idyllic city while our residents continue to die from heroin.

    Dr. Nancy JW Lewis
    Resident, Rochester Hills

  2. Dr. Nancy – thank you for bringing that up. It’s a weird contrast – A “Safest City” award a week after a huge heroin bust down the street from two big schools.

    I think the Oakland Sheriffs do a GREAT job and we very much appreciate them!
    But we can’t improve and keep our kids safe if we cant even acknowledge that we have some issues to work on.

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