Letter to the Editor: The Best is Yet To Come

I have lived in Rochester Hills my entire life: all 23 years, 2 months, and 16 days. I remember as a child driving south down Adams Road every morning to get to school. Many times the sky was still dark but one could make out rays of light from the rising sun offering the first of many beautiful views of the day. The dew from dawn set heavy on the trees and grass and, the landscape was so tremendous it reached farther than the eye could see.

As a Rochester Hills resident who is also a young voter, local politics was not my first avenue for fun or interest on a Sunday afternoon. However, it was the egotistical behavior and selfish actions taken by Mayor Barnett and the Rochester Hills City Council that pressed me to become involved in order to find and support a candidate who is interested in the constituents of Rochester Hills and not the greed of a few dirty men.

It begins with the oil drilling leases signed by the Council and Mayor in 2013 without the ballot proposal or voting approval of the 70,000 citizens within our great city. The lease gives Jordan Oil the invitation to defile our parks and cemetery’s on the surface and poisons our water below, merely for corporate greed and profit.  There is no place for large, greedy corporations oiling Barnett and the council to sign unnecessary and dangerous leases that only serve those in power rather than those who are the voters and laborer; the people that made this city great and intend to keep it that way.

Dismayed, I did my research and discovered a candidate who is honorable, humble and intelligent; three qualities I find to be of upmost importance when leading a great city of Rochester Hills into the future. This candidate is without a doubt Ravi Yalamanchi, because he embodies all the traits I find to be most important when leading a good city back to greatness.

Concrete evidence proves Mayor Barnett and our Rochester Hills City Council lied to us and ignored the worries, suggestions and disputes from the constituents about every kind of oil drilling. Instead of presenting a ballot or heading with commonsense, the Mayor’s office time and again has chosen ignorance and greed [for a few] over the group thought and transparency for the many (the very basis of our democratic republic).

Let’s get back to our roots!!

Vote for Ravi Yalamanchi November 3, 2015

William Chundrlik

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