Letter to the Editor: Vote Ravi Yalamanchi for Our Future

I have been a resident of Rochester Hills for nearly 30 years, raising 3 children who are graduates of Rochester Community Schools and now 5 grandchildren are attending the schools their parents attended. I’m a former Chairman of the Board of the Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce and a 20-year small business owner. I have spent my work and family life in this community – I am more than vested.

Last evening my husband, granddaughter and I gathered with a group of residents to keep attention on an issue that is continually disregarded by the Term Limited Mayor and his hand picked City Council – Time to take our City back, Rochester Hills – We are a community that has invested, worked and built a life in a 75% residential community. We CANNOT have this community be put in jeopardy by an individual who discounts our voters rights, disdains our City Charter, but more importantly puts our families’ health and well being at risk. For what purpose – for greed, power and control. I cannot believe that an educated, well informed community can buy into the illusion that all is well – I learned a long time ago to speak and fight what is right for your community. Ask yourself this question – why would anyone spend hundreds of thousands dollars to keep a term limited position? Why would someone continually lie to the public and disrespect RESIDENTS. At what cost? I for one for the health and well being of my family and community will continue to fight this gross injustice to our rights as citizens.

I believe in my heart and soul – The best is yet to come – Ravi Yalamanchi – a man of high integrity that always stood for RESIDENTS and COMMUNITY. This country was founded on the premise of letting our voices be heard against injustice. Now is our time. Vote Ravi Yalamanchi for our future.

Linda Davis-Kirksey

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