Library Construction Slightly Delayed, but Continues

First floor interior of the library

First floor interior of the library

The Rochester Hills Public Library’s construction project will run longer than initially anticipated due to extremely cold temperatures this winter. “Originally we had planned on starting masonry work in mid-January, which would require temporary heating on the exterior of the building,” said library director Christine Lind Hage. Low temperatures in January were under 10 degrees and below zero in February. “It seemed like a waste of money to heat the outdoors, so we waited a few weeks before we started.”  It turns out temporary heating was needed for less than one week. Brickwork should be complete by the end of March and then roof work will follow.

Work on the interior of the building is almost complete. Ceiling tiles, lighting, drywall and woodwork is done. “We’re waiting for the concrete floors to completely cure before the hard surface flooring is installed,” reported Hage. The adhesive used on the rubberized flooring is only warranted if the concrete reaches a certain temperature and humidity level. The HVAC system should be up and running by the end of March, which will help dehydrate the concrete.

Since the rubberized flooring has been delayed the installation of the library-automated materials handling system has be pushed back to April 20. It will take one week to be installed and for staff to be trained.

Also dependent on the weather is the resurfacing of the library’s south parking lot.  Before work on the lot can start, the construction fence needs to be down, the swirl tank to treat the storm water before it goes into the Paint Creek needs to be installed, the frost laws have to be lifted so the current parking lot surface can be removed, proofed and repaved and LED light fixtures need to be installed on the existing light posts. “We anticipate that is may be mid-May before the south parking lot is in full service, including the drive-up window and return,” reported Hage.

“Although we’d like to project to finish earlier, we want to do it right and be financially responsible,” said library board president Douglas Tull. The library salvaged and reused nine windows, and wood doors and trim on two offices. Even the temporary walls, insulation and doors between the current library and the new addition have been salvaged for Habitat for Humanity use.

The $1.6 million dollar project is being funded out of the library’s fund balance. The library has been saving for a long time to make these building improvements.

The Rochester Hills Public Library is located in downtown Rochester off of University Drive and three blocks east of Main Street.  The Library is open from 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.  The Library’s website ( has information on how to register for a card and access all the Library’s services.


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