Lisa Winarski looking to be a voice for unrepresented District 4 on November 5

As many of you know we have an upcoming city election, November 5th.

I am writing you to let you know that I am running for Rochester Hills City Council- Write-In District 4 

Lisa Winarski Rochester Hills City Council write-in candidate for District 4.

Lisa Winarski
Rochester Hills City Council write-in candidate for District 4.

District 4 has not had a voice on City Council in 4 years. The residents have not been represented. I am a 19-year resident of Rochester Hills and Homeowners Association President. I have been married for 19 years, raising a daughter. I have been a longstanding community volunteer much of which has been education based volunteering at Holy Family Regional School and have a community relationship with St. Mary of the Hills Catholic Church. I am a public safety advocate and support zero budgeting principles.

I take the time to listen to the residents and share in their concerns. I stay well informed on the many issues our community is facing and understand the long term challenges that need to be addressed sooner than later such as the citywide problems with the drain systems and funding for local roads and resident streets.

The residents know me as having a credible, independent voice with the skills needed to find the solutions and implement them to support a positive, responsible government. I am the voice for the residents that District 4 needs.

Please select District 4 on your ballot, and write my name, Lisa Winarskion the blank line and fill in the oval when you Vote November 5th.

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