Local Church “Steps Out” on Faith in Unprecedented Prayer Walk for Rochester

Turning Point Apostolic Ministries of Rochester celebrates the success of their 2015 “Circle of Miracles Walk” with a special guest, Rochester Mayor Jeff Cuthbertson

With the recent unrest in many cities across the United States, one local church began taking a literal “step” in the right direction… in fact, they took quite a few steps, the press release stated. Turning Apostolic Ministries, a church located on University in Rochester, performed what they’re calling the “Circle of Miracles Walk” this past Saturday, May 2, 2015.

“Essentially, this 4-mile walk was to circle our beloved city of Rochester in prayer,” said Pastor Rodger Mangold. “While some may debate the power of prayer, and even doubt its need, Turning Point has come to see the powerful effects of prayer in our members and their families. To sit by and watch all of the negative press about cities in a state of emergency because of violence is inexcusable. We need to turn the tables on violence, not by matching it with hatred and escalation, but with prayer, faith, and massive amounts of God’s Divine love and favor.”

Photo courtesy of Turning Point Ministries

Photo courtesy of Turning Point Ministries

On a what turned out to be a picture-perfect morning, Pastor Rodger Mangold, along with the faithful members of his church prayed a 4-mile circle of love, compassion, and peace around various neighborhoods, Main Street businesses, Rochester Police and Fire Departments, with a final prayer said at City Hall and the World War II Memorial.

Participants of the walk were greeted at the end of their walk by a special guest, Rochester’s Mayor, Jeff Cuthbertson who, to the delight of the walkers was very appreciative and grateful for the church, “praying God’s grace over our great city,” said the mayor. The mayor took a few moments to greet the walkers and to have his picture taken with the group.

For more information, about the walk, or future events at Turning Point, please contact Pastor Rodger Mangold at (586) 709-1299 or visit their website at www.TurningPointCares.com.

About Turning Point
Founded in 2011 by Pastor Rodger Mangold, Turning Point Apostolic Ministries is a Christian Church that strives to be an extension of Christ’s love to their city and the community at-large, through various community-based outreaches and partnerships with other non-profits and businesses in Rochester. Their primary focus is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but contend His Gospel must be more than just preached; it must be genuinely demonstrated in the lives of Christ’s followers in order to truly make a meaningful difference in their generation.




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