Local Cider Mills Open Despite Poor Apple Crop

Poor Apple Crop

Despite the poor apple crop here in Michigan, local cider mills open for the fall season. The early heat wave followed by a frost resulted in the apple crop being down by 90 percent. The Michigan Apple Committee states it’s “the largest apple crop loss since the 1940s.”

Yates Cider Mill

Yates Cider Mill, a well known landmark, opened mid-August and plans to “have cider all season,” according to Katie Titus, owner. Yates is “Buying as many Michigan apples as they can” and supplementing with out of state apples. The apples have “more than doubled” in price says Titus, but the public is “amazingly understanding,” once given the news of the situation.

Katie tells Rochester Media that normally the cider this time of year is on the tart side and gets sweeter throughout the season. However, since they are buying apples from different harvest regions they are experiencing “sweeter cider early on.” Yates seems happy with the blend of apples being used and is “having fun” with the new varieties going in to make the cider.

Rochester Cider Mill

Rochester Cider Mill plans to open this Friday. They are getting apples from North Carolina. They confirm that the cost of apples has more than doubled.

Goodison Cider Mill

Goodison Cider Mill has high hopes of opening this weekend as well. Getting the apples is the tricky part they say. The folks at Goodison have found prices are two and three times the cost of last season.

The good news is Goodison is getting a facelift. The outside is getting a new paint job. Look for their new blue and white design. They also plan on renovating the play area with new swings.

It’s Apple Cider Time in Michigan

These are the three cider mills in the Rochester area that still press apples onsite. Of course, they will have donuts, pies, and breads available at each. While the price of apples has really gone up for the cider mills to purchase, they all plan on raising prices just a little. Expect a gallon of cider to be between $9-10 and half gallons to be close to $6. Hours will vary at each location and throughout the season. Please call ahead or visit their websites. 

Goodison Cider Mill
4295 Orion Road


Rochester Cider Mill
5125 Rochester Road


Yates Cider Mill
1990 East Avon Road

For a complete listing of Mills & Farms in Michigan, visit the Pure Michigan Website

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