Local resident and business-owner Karen Sadovsky named Rochester’s “Good Neighbor”

The City Beautiful Commission (CBC) recently announced the winner of the 1st Quarter Good Neighbor Award is Rochester resident and business owner, Karen Sadovsky.

gn#2The Good Neighbor Award program was created by the CBC to allow residents of Rochester to nominate an adult or youth for their good neighbor work. The award recognizes the ongoing efforts of Rochester residents who are making exceptional contributions to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. The program is designed to honor those who make a difference in our community without seeking or receiving recognition for their service.

Karen was nominated by her husband, Vincent Sadovsky for her efforts at the Rochester Hills Public Library gardens. According to Vincent, “shortly after starting a job at the Library, Karen made inquiries about the large perennial garden. Often while at the library she viewed the garden and wondered if anyone if anyone was taking care of it. After speaking with Christine Hage, the Library Director, she decided to volunteer her time. Karen started taking care of the garden in 2009 through 2012 investing about 80 hours each year. Each week she would edge, weed, transplant, thin out, feed and plant.”

“Because of her efforts the perennial gardens began to flourish.  In 2011 the library received a Keep Michigan Beautiful award for the perennial gardens,” Vincent continued “She volunteered because she saw a need. She does it because she loves the beauty of this garden and the joy if brings to others.”

The Rochester City Beautiful Commission was proud to present Karen with her award at the May 13th City Council meeting.

If you know someone who goes the extra mile to keep our city beautiful or helps a neighbor in need and feel this person deserves to be recognized for their contribution in the city, then fill out a nomination form and turn it in, it is that easy! Our city is beautiful because of the many good neighbors who continually go above and beyond! It is time to recognize those who make every day in Rochester a more beautiful day.

Those selected will be recognized quarterly at a City Council meeting. If you would like more information please contact Ann Peterson, City Beautiful Commission Secretary at 248-495-8877 or visit www.rochestermi.org/cbc for a Good Neighbor Award nomination form.

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