Looking for the best music teacher in Rochester Hills

Here are two of the best options in Rochester Hills, Michigan for music teachers.

Corrin Barnett has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Rochester College and has been teaching voice and piano lessons for over 20 years. Recitals at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester. Call or email today for a free consultation.

248-853-6160 or info@corrinbarnett.com       www.corrinbarnett.com

Lozier Music was founded in 2003. After rapid growth in 2007, founder Carrie Lozier started plans to expand into a commercial studio space. In the summer of 2010, the transformation began as Lozier Music grew to 5 talented teachers and over 90 students weekly (see more detail in Lozier Music History). In addition, its new modern facility can accommodate over 500 students … creating musical connections for life.

Philosophy & Results: Everyone without exception is musical! We truly believe we can teach anyone to play. Our instructors have unique experience bringing the joy of music to students with brain injuries and autism, preschool and grade school children, and seniors.

Due in part to the breakthrough Simply Music method, students with no experience are playing great sounding pieces within the first few lessons. And while Lozier Music primarily offers Simply Music piano lessons, guitar and violin have been added, also adopting Simply Music concepts* into their lessons.

What sets us apart?

GREAT NEW STUDIO — Inviting, fun, nothing like typical intimidating studios.

UNIQUE SERVICES — Many opportunities that enhance the lesson experience
> MONTHLY PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES – including assisted living centers

For more information go to http://loziermusic.com
Call 248-844-1024 and tell them Rochester Media sent you!
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