Lucido brothers gear up for another charitable year in Rochester

Giving away a Rolex might seem like a huge deal, but for Vince and Joe Lucido, they don’t sweat it.

Last week, the brothers and owners of Lucido Fine Jewelry hosted a golf outing at Boulder Pointe Golf Club in Oxford where a local man received just that, a brand new Rolex for his hole-in-one shot.

Gus Scibilia holds the Rolex watch that a local man won in a  Lucido golf outing last weekend.

Gus Scibilia holds the same model of Rolex watch that a local man won in a Lucido golf outing last weekend for a hole-in-one shot.

“We welcome the hole-in-one,” said Gus Scibilia of Lucido Fine Jewelry in Downtown Rochester. “They’re really in the community efforts, Vince and Joe are really into that.”

In their 25 years of business, the two brothers continue to build a network statewide through their work with local organizations.

And many are found in the Rochester area, Scibilia says.

Working with Rochester Community Schools, the Rochester Public Library to Oakland University, the Rochester parade and the Rochester Area Youth Assistance, the list will only continue to grow, he said.

Past city limits, the Lucido brothers partner with Angels of Hope, a Michigan nonprofit for children enduring cancer.

“Vince and Joe really take this to heart,” Scibilia said, “They’re really involved and we do a lot with Angels of Hope—it’s one of the biggest.”

Among many, other groups include the Rainbow Connection, the Special Olympics Michigan, Charlotte’s Wings, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Leader Dogs for the Blind and the Mike Utley Foundation.

“They really have a place in their heart for (children),” Scibilia said.

As the calendar books, some other events the Lucido duo looks forward to this year include the Southeastern Michigan Regional Chapter of the American Red Cross blood drive near the holiday season and the Thrilla at the Villa in the spring.

And don’t forget the customer appreciation party thrown each year in the store near the holidays with menu items from the Rochester Chop House along with a premium bar.

With roughly 200 to 300 guests, “everything’s free for customer appreciation,” Scibilia said. “They love the community—This has been a great location.”

To learn more about Lucido Fine Jewelry, located in both Rochester and Sterling Heights, be sure to visit

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