Make Each Bite Count!

When you think about it, “there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal” is just about the most random statement there is.  Is there really nothing like it?  And does that mean that a home-cooked meal really tastes better?  If you are eating in my home, you may suggest that the statement is referring to the lack of talent in the preparation of what’s on your plate!

Regardless of defining what that statement really means, cooking at home is generally much cheaper than dining out, especially when tax and tips are added in.  But let’s be honest here, we all have those days when we need a break from pots and pans and dirty dishes.  So when you do go out, make your meal an opportunity to support your local neighbors, and make each bite count!

Rochester is such a diverse place, with everything from fast food chains to high-end eateries.  Where you choose to eat though may not just have an impact on your waistline; it may also affect your next-door neighbor.  Rochester is filled with family businesses and restaurants that are the livelihoods of many residents.  Choosing one of those places to enjoy a preparation-free bite could be the difference between the owners being able to pay their mortgage or not. 

Dining out and supporting the local owners doesn’t mean sacrificing on health or taste.  Often, these businesses do the exact opposite. They offer much better quality, use local ingredients, and do not disappointus with their flavors.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know several owners as well since they may be the only workers you see at a given establishment.  Here are a few options our family has enjoyed that support your neighbors, keep Rochester’s economy booming, and leave you satisfied!

Mind, Body and Spirits:  Michigan’s first certified organic restaurant, serving local cuisine including gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options (Kids eat free Tuesdays and Sundays, and they offer great half-off specials during the week!).

Rochester Mills Beer Company: In-house brewery, huge menu selection, and a great place to hold a party, take a large group, play pool or catch the game. 

Tying the Knot Pretzels – Located in the Village of Rochester Hills, they offer delicious pretzels and pretzelwiches (my husband loves the one with salmon!). This local stop is perfect for a snack or even a light lunch or dinner.

The Royal Park Hotel– The Commons. Despite it’s stately appearance, the Commons is a great casual place to enjoy downtown Rochester to its fullest.  They offer great deals throughout the week, and their chefs take pride in offering local ingredients.

Give Thanks Bakery: A true hidden gem of downtown Rochester, located in the alley west of Main, between Second and Third Street.  They offer decadent pastries, cute cookies and unique cake slices to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Victorian Rose: A charming teahouse, serving lunch Tuesday through Saturday, as well as offering catering. Delicious menu options including quiches, salads and sandwiches make this place a must stop for a sophisticated experience!

The Dessert Oasis: A “treats and beats” coffee house that is rumored to have the most amazing hot chocolate around!  Relax in their plush seating and take in the sights of busy Main Street!

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