Mayor Barnett Discusses Technology with Mayors from around the Globe

Mayor’s Vlog from Dunchurch, England

Hi, I’m Bryan Barnett, Mayor of the City of Rochester Hills, and as always, thanks for watching. Coming to you today from a very unique location, in the middle of England, in the town of Dunchurch, where we’ve just concluded the global parliament of Mayors. I was asked to join several other mayors representing the United States, here and in Bristol, to talk about some of the challenges that mayors face around the world. You know, it’s always fun and interesting to hear about the challenges and the unique and innovative ways different mayors are using technology to solve problems. We’re not as different as you might think are, I had a chance to talk to mayors from Africa, from Asia, and of course here from Europe, and we talked about things that happen in Rochester Hills like collecting trash, and the way we communicate with residents, and the way we try to engage our folks in civic life. And certainly one of the challenges is keeping the youth engaged in local government and wanting them to find and admire careers in public service. Well all of this trip was funded by the United States Conference of Mayors, no Rochester Hills taxpayer dollars were used, but certainly there will be some great value as we look to implement some of the ideas and strategies we’ve seen be successful across the country. Now I’m not sure we’ll get thatched roofs and old cathedral churches here in the states any time soon, but it is certainly great to represent our country and our city proudly as one of the innovative leaders on the globe. As always thanks for watching and have a great week.

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