Mayor Barnett files for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District

Below is an email Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan K. Barnett sent to his supporters today.
Dear Friend,

Mayor Bryan K. Barnett and his family.

Mayor Bryan K. Barnett and his family.

Today I filed my paperwork to officially run for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District. From the moment we launched our campaign, my wife Corrin and I have been overwhelmed by support from every corner of the district. We’ve been connecting with supporters, grassroots activists and small businesses with one simple message: send Bryan Barnett to Congress. Here’s why:

I’ve served as Mayor of Rochester Hills for the past 8 years. When I first took office, during the reign of Gov. Granholm, some Legislators in Lansing were making a mess and contributing to the “lost decade” that crippled growth in Michigan. But I was dedicated to building a community to start a family, raise our children and eventually where Corrin and I will retire.

Under my leadership, our budgets are passed on time, every time. Our taxes have remained low, and jobs are coming to and remaining in our community. We haven’t raised taxes once on the hardworking families of our city. We have the lowest tax rate of all the cities in Oakland County and our unemployment rate is the 2nd lowest in the state of Michigan.

This is not a coincidence. It didn’t just happen. We MADE it happen. Now I’d like to take this common sense conservative approach to Washington, DC.

Washington is a mess, and it can only be fixed through principled, conservative leadership. Obamacare is a disaster with new stories daily about the havoc it is wreaking on individuals and families across the district. We must repeal it! Let’s get our economy growing again, bring manufacturing jobs back, fix the rotten mess of a tax code, and stop the reckless spending spree in DC that burdens our children with debt far into the future.

I look forward to the days ahead where you and I can discuss the challenges we face as a nation, and the opportunity we have to get us back on track.


Mayor Bryan K. Barnett

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