Mayor Barnett Gives the State of the City Address

Mayor Barnett’s State of the City Address for 2011 was nothing short of a full Hollywood production.  Delivering it from the stage of the Emagine Theater to a crowd of about 300 with dignitaries from all of the surrounding communities and employees from the city, he incorporated humor, video, and even squirt guns to drive his points home.  What were his points you may ask.  Here are just a few:


-Lowest unemployment in Oakland county at 5.6%

-Over 1000 new jobs won from new business attraction

-Over 1 million visitors recorded at the parks in 2010

-AAA Bond rating from independent agencies

-As many as 90% of the residents are now recycling, helping the city hit its “green” goals.

For more on the speech and the accomplishments of the City click here.

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