Mayor Barnett Highlights Successes in Annual State of the City Address

Wednesday night, 300 plus residents came to the Emagine Theater to hear Mayor Barnett’s State of the City Address. And according to the Mayor, it’s a good time to be living and working in Rochester Hills.

Highlights from the Mayor’s speech included:


An increase in real estate. New builds are up by 36%, with an average cost of $360k. The highest in all of  Oakland County. As for foreclosures, they are down by 40%.


It’s a great time to be opening a business in Rochester Hills. Just ask the 28 new business that have chosen to make the city their home or the 14 new German companies also now in Rochester Hills. Since Barnett became Mayor, 100 new hi-tech companies have moved into the area bringing $160 million in new investments. Mayor Barnett also told the crowd that economic development and jobs are a focus for him and his team. He also expounded that thanks to prime locations and tax incentives (lowest taxed city in Oakland County at 9.7%), Rochester Hills is able to attract and support a talented workforce.


Mayor Barnett called on all citizens to  help vote for the Clinton River Watershed to get a $25,000 grant.

The new Oakland University-William Beaumont Medical school is expected to bring a billion dollars to our area in the future.

Rochester Hills is leading the charge to be Michigan’s “Greenest” city with recycling and water conservation at all time high.  In 2011, 7 million lbs. were recycled in Rochester Hills and 100 thousand coupons were redeemed.  Also, Brooklands Elementary received a $5000 grant from Recycle Bank thanks to residents donating their points.

Mayor Barnett also said that according to a 2011 survey, there is a 97% satisfaction rate among citizens . Do you agree? What were your thoughts on the Mayor’s State of the City Address?

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