Mayor Bryan Barnett to Run as Write-In Candidate with VIDEO

Close to forty people from the community gathered at Yates Cider Mill on Monday to show their support for Mayor Bryan Barnett as he announced his campaign to run as a write-in candidate for mayor of Rochester Hills. The Rochester Hills City Charter limits candidates to two terms on the ballot. However, those seeking a third term may run as a write-in Candidate.

Congressman Mike Bishop speaks at the Barnett announcement - photo by Michael Dwyer

Congressman Mike Bishop speaks at the Barnett announcement – photo by Michael Dwyer

Yates owner, Mike Titus, welcomed friends, area students and community leaders, including Congressman Mike Bishop and Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Paterson, to help launch the Mayor’s 2015 run. Hot cider and donuts were served.

“I’ve been encouraging Mayor Barnett to run as a write-in candidate,” said Titus. “We have a saying at Yates, if it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it. Mayor Barnett is working for Rochester Hills,” and “I’m proud to support Mayor Barnett,” said Titus.

“None is better than the City of Rochester Hills,” said Congressman Mike Bishop as he spoke about how municipalities in his district are run. “Mayor Barnett is committed to this community. Under his guidance, he has brought financial stability and a commitment to fiscal responsibility to our community. I fully support his write-in campaign and am thankful that my hometown community allows for the continuation of his great leadership. I look forward to working with Mayor Barnett for years to come,” said Bishop.

“Mayor Barnett has a strong track record of commitment to public safety in our community,” said Paul Wright, Rochester Hills Firefighter and President of the local Firefighters Union. “Under his leadership, our neighborhoods are safer, response times are rapidly increasing in efficiency and public safety is at an all-time high. This is why I’m joining our firefighters in supporting Mayor Barnett’s write-in campaign,” said Wright.

OU Student Maria Willett plans to vote for Mayor Barnett - photo by  Michael Dwyer

OU Student Maria Willett plans to vote for Mayor Barnett – photo by Michael Dwyer

Student Outreach Coordinator for Oakland University, Maria Willett, spoke and offered her support. She is also the Community Planning Coordinator for the City of Auburn Hills. “I am so excited to show my support for another Oakland University Alum. As Mayor, Bryan has strengthened the connection between Rochester Hills and Oakland University. He does this through engaging with students and sharing what makes Rochester Hills one of the best places to live in the country,” Willett, who is also part of the Alumni Engagement team at OU, told Rochester Media. “His passion for our city is clear and I am excited that the city charter allows him to continue as mayor and make a positive impact on our students. Bryan is an innovative, thoughtful, and hardworking leader in our community. I am proud to support Mayor Barnett and his write in campaign for mayor of Rochester Hills in 2015,” said Willett.

Michelin Sommers, a City of Rochester Hills Senior Representative, focused on Mayor Barnett’s commitment to the senior community. “I’ve worked with Mayor Barnett for over 15 years and it’s comforting to see his commitment to the seniors in our community,” and “On Election Day, I’m writing-in Bryan Barnett for Mayor of Rochester Hills,” said Sommers.

“Something special is going on here,” said Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, “You have one of the best leaders in America here with Mayor Barnett – keep him here,” and “Mayor Barnett has a vision for success in his community and his commitment to innovation and job creation is admired. Oakland County is great because of leaders like Mayor Barnett, and I’m proud to support his write-in campaign,” said Patterson.

Yates Cider Mill owner Mike Titus supports Mayor Bryan Barnett as a Write-In Candidate - photo by Michael Dwyer

Yates Cider Mill owner Mike Titus supports Mayor Bryan Barnett as a Write-In Candidate – photo by Michael Dwyer

“I’m really overwhelmed by the turnout of great community leaders, friends, family,” said Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett. “One of the things I’m most proud of is, is we’ve represented this community with honesty, transparency, and we’ve led with integrity. I’ve been blessed to be the mayor or Rochester Hills and I’m humbled by the support of those in our community who have joined me here today. I do understand the challenge of running as a write-in candidate, but I’m committed to Rochester Hills and to our success, and I’m willing to take this challenge head on and to lead our community in the years to come,” said Barnett.

Mayor Barnett concluded the announcement by using the campaign slogan, “Let’s keep a good thing going.” To learn more about Mayor Barnett’s write-in campaign or to stay up to date on campaign events, visit the website at

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  1. Marianne Maurer says

    i have been to or watched many City Coucil meetings and one message that rings true from Council and the Mayor is this is how it is written and our hands are tied.
    We have term limits in Rochester Hills and the Mayor has served his time. It is now time for some new faces and change is always good. The honorable thing is to exit graciously like he did in the Congressional Race last spring.

  2. Mahir Osman says

    I too have been to many Council meetings. I’ve seen this government perform extraordinarily. No laws are being broken. In fact, this is literally how a Republic is supposed to be. I commend the Mayor. For he is leaving it in the hands of the voter. Rochester Hills is doing amazing. And the reason for that is because of Mayor Bryan Barnett.

  3. Linda Davis-Kirksey says

    Every Mayor that has preceded Mayor Barnett understood the City Charter had term limits because of the fear of legacy politicians. Mayor Barnett has had the opportunity to serve his two terms and now is the time to move on and take his experience and pursue a new and different career path. Ravi Yalamanchi is a qualified, experienced, leader and is running for an open seat as far as I am concerned. Growth, opportunity and inclusive leadership is what I see for the future of Rochester Hills. Go Ravi!

  4. Darlene Janulis says

    A city our size should probably have a city manager and it doesn’t. In the past, we have had mayors that had to give up authority to the administration because of their lack of qualifications, leadership and management abilities. I’m not willing to cast aside someone that is doing a great job for us simply because of one part of our term limits legislation. Mayor Barnett is exercising the other part of that same legislation. Good for us that he is. Rochester Hills has remained successful throughout these tough economic times. Casting him aside when he is doing a GREAT job is foolish. GO BARNETT!!

  5. Rochester Media, good coverage, but be careful – the site’s looking like Barnett’s re-election campaign headquarters. And, maybe dial down the 7 out of 10 tweets on Barnett re-election news alerts?

  6. Scot Beaton says

    Just the facts…

    I was on city council during the mid 90’s when the discussion of term limits first came up… (1994) Newt Grindrench Contract with America… Republicans take back the House of Representatives. We were a 7 member council, and three members supported Newt’s idea of term limits working also at the local level. Three members were adamantly opposed to term limits at the local level in Rochester Hills. I’m on the fence… the swing vote for term limits to be drafted as new charter language that the Residents would be allowed to vote up or down. When the motion was put to the floor for the new term limit charter language I motion to amend the motion on the floor to allow current serving Council Members and Mayors after serving two terms to still be allowed to seek re-election for that same seat as a write-in candidate. That amendment passed by 4 votes the 3 members who were adamantly opposed to term limits voted with me for the amendment to allow current serving Council Members and Mayors to run as a write-in for a third term. The new term limit charter language motion which included the language to allow “write-in” passed by a 4 to 3 vote… I voted yes.

    The Residents overwhelmingly voted yes for term limits BUT they also voted overwhelmingly yes to allow serving Council Members and Mayors to also run as a write-in every third term. The intent of the charter language… name on ballot for two terms… write-in every third term… fourth term starts over name on ballot for two terms.

    I have always been “Pro-Rights of Citizens”, “Pro Women’s Rights to Choose”, “Pro LGBT Rights”, I have always been one who has supported “The Rights of Citizens to hold an Office” and still today I support the “Rights” of elected officials to retain their Office. I felt at the time (still do today) the write-in idea was a good compromise… and so did the Residents who voted overwhelmingly yes.

    Scot Beaton
    Political Experience former Rochester Hills City Council member 1988 to 1997
    President, Rochester Hills City Council (2 Years)

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