McEntire Pilates’ Giving Back Program Meets the Needs of Rochester’s McGregor Elementary School Students

ROCHESTER, Mich., Mar. 16, 2011 – The students of Rochester’s McGregor Elementary School can focus on learning while the thoughtful donors of McEntire Pilates tend to their many needs throughout the school year.

Undoubtedly, students need school supplies as they trek through the school year. But in addition to No. 2 pencils, notebooks, glue sticks and the like, students have other basic needs that when met, can impact their academic success.

For this purpose, the staff and clients of McEntire Pilates have adopted McGregor Elementary School located in Rochester, Mich. As part of its giving back program, donors generously donate a different item to the students every month.

To date, the program has collected a total of 559 items over six months. Details of  the program are as follows:

• To kick off the program at the beginning of the school year, McEntire Pilates’ staff and clients donated school supplies.

• To prepare students for colder weather, the donors gave coats in December and winter gloves in January.

• In February, McEntire Pilates partnered with neighbor, Skeins on Main of Rochester, Mich. Together, both companies collected hats and scarves to donate. In addition to donors purchasing new items, a charity knitting class at Skeins on Main knitted many of the hats and scarves for the students.

• Currently, McEntire Pilates is collecting spring jackets for its March donation.

• Donors will continue to meet a unique need every month till the end of the school year.

“I am proud of our giving back program,” Trent McEntire, director of McEntire Pilates of Rochester, Mich. said. “I look forward to seeing more businesses partnering with us for greater success.  Together, we can compound the benefits to our local kids that have a genuine need.”

McEntire Pilates realizes that a greater impact for the students will result from a collaborative effort with other Rochester businesses. It hopes to inspire other downtown Rochester businesses to join its giving back program.

For more information regarding the giving back program and other McEntire Pilates community partnerships, visit

About McEntire Pilates

Founded in 1998 by Trent McEntire, McEntire Pilates is a modern Pilates program that incorporates knowledge regarding natural body physics, key movement principles and physical alignment correction techniques. McEntire Pilates applied with the program Joseph Pilates pioneered over 80 years ago is practiced by Trent and his team of experienced professionals at McEntire Pilates located in Rochester, Mich. The staff at McEntire Pilates has worked with and continues to customize plans to meet the specific needs of healthy individuals, clients with medical conditions, and athletes on a professional and elite level. The internationally recognized McEntire Instructor Training Program provides Pilates teacher certification and its graduates practice throughout the country. McEntire Pilates also has educational centers located in Holland, Mich., Suwanee, Ga. and Chicago, Ill. Additional information can be obtained at or on Facebook or Twitter.

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