McMillin campaign statement after Mayor Barnett’s withdrawal from the 8th congressional race

Rochester Media received the following press release from Representative Tom McMillin’s campaign team:

A Clear Choice in the 8th

After today’s decision by Mayor Bryan Barnett to drop out of the 8th District Congressional race, McMillin spokesman David Forsmark said, “This makes the choice very clear to Republican voters in the 8th. Do they want Mr. Bishop who, when taxpayers needed him to stand firm against Gov. Granholm and her plan to increase taxes, cut a deal with her and gave to Michigan, what Gov. Snyder calls ‘the job-killing MBT’ or do they want someone who took the tough votes to repeal that horrible tax, put our state on the path to recovery and has the only consistent conservative voting record? I believe the clear choice will be the latter and will result in Rep. Tom McMillin’s victory in this primary.”

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