McMillin: Film subsidies send money and jobs out of state

Commends MI House on bill to eliminate subsidies

Today, former state representative Tom McMillin had the following statement upon the passage of HB4122 out of the Michigan House Tax Policy committee today:

“Good move on the part of HB4122’s author, State Representative Dan Lauwers and the Michigan House Tax Policy committee that moved HB4122 to the House floor today.  The film subsidies send much of the $50 million allocated to them, out of state – to Hollywood millionaires and billionaires.  A lot more jobs will be created by keeping that money in Michigan by employing Michigan workers to fix roads or keep the money in the pockets of business owners across the state, so they can hire more employees.  I urge the full and House and Senate to move forward with HB4122.”

Tom McMillin was one of the leading opponents to corporate welfare of any kind, but has regularly said that film subsidies are the worst kind of corporate welfare, because they send so much of Michigan’s tax money out of state.

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