McMillin Wants to Give Michigan Citizens the Right to Opt out of ObamaCare

State Rep. Tom McMillin last week introduced legislation allowing Michigan residents to opt out of the new federal health care mandate, known as “Obamacare”.  “Last year’s passage of the takeover of America’s healthcare system was a direct assault on Americans’ right to make their own informed decisions about their health,” said McMillin, R-Rochester Hills.  “This legislation will ensure that Michigan residents will maintain control of their health care, that the Federal government can’t get between us and our doctors and that our businesses can’t be told what kind of benefits they can and can’t offer their employees.”

McMillin contends that every person has a right to choose their own health care, and that no government should have the right to compel any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in any health care system.

McMillin’s legislation would prohibit the government from penalizing any person or employers for paying directly for lawful health care services, and would hold providers harmless for accepting such payments.  The legislation also ensures that the government cannot prohibit the purchase or sale of health insurance or health coverage in private health care systems.”I want to emphasize that this does not opt the state of Michigan out of anything,” McMillin said.  “It merely allows individual citizens to opt out of any federalized healthcare scheme if they wish.  Anyone who wants to stay in a federal program will still be able to do so.”

McMillin’s House Bill 4050 is available at:

States that have enacted statutes similar to McMillin’s included here, along with the efforts in 37 other states:

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  1. Bruce Fealk says

    So, he wants insurance companies to be able to exclude people with pre-existing conditions, including children, take away the small business tax credits for purchasing insurance, not letting 26 year olds stay on their parents policy and the myriad of good things that health care reform allows. Also allow insurance companies to pay their executives hundreds of millions of dollars while denying coverage to insureds?

    What a guy that Tom McMillin is. Thanks, but no thanks, Tom.

  2. Darlene Janulis says

    With all the changes my insurance carrier already made as the results of the health care bill last year, what exactly would I be opting out of and what carrier could remain with old policies to give people that choice if passes. Sound like legislation that sounds good to some but difficult to inforce.

  3. Tom McMillin says

    Bruce, buddy – you got to read — the bill doesn’t deal with insurance companies opting out. It allows citizens to opt out. As people realize how much Obamacare gets between them and their doctors, many will want their freedoms back. Anyone who wants, will still be able to stay in Obama’s socialist scheme…but this would allow those who don’t want their healthcare decisions being made by panels of bureaucrats, will have an option to choose freedom.
    And Darlene – with 10,000,000 citizens in MI, if just 1% opt out (I’m sure more will) then I’m certain the free market will come up with products for the 100,000 (likely much more) to buy.

  4. Is there a way that I as a school employee can opt out since my husband carries the insurance through his work? I’m hoping there’s an option for school employees.

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