Media Outlets Pick Up Mayor Barnett’s Letter to Madonna

A snapshot of the media outlets that have picked up the story

A snapshot of the media outlets that have picked up the story

UPDATE: Since Mayor Barnett’s letter was published in response to remarks Madonna made on Howard Stern’s show recently, it has garnered media attention all over the world.

On his personal Facebook page Barnett wrote, “So that’s what “going viral” looks like! It’s been a crazy last 36 hours. I’ve done media with Channels 2,4 and 7, was on Paul W Smith, Frank Beckman, NPR, MLive, and an assortment of other radio programs. The story was picked up by People Magazine,, a London publication, made the French, German and Dutch morning newspapers, and later today I’m doing a interview for CNN. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response from our community and abroad and I am so very grateful. My letter had one purpose… share with the world that RH is a great place to live, work and raise a family! Nothing more! Not bad for something I wrote in my boxers Sunday night!”

The Mayor also included the link to, one of the various media outlets that has picked up the story. Later on Wednesday, he’ll be interviewed by CNN.

You can read Mayor Barnett’s letter, which originally appeared on the below:

By Bryan Barnett

An Open Letter to Madonna:

I read with great interest your recent comments about growing up in Rochester Hills and your description of our residents as “basic, provincial thinking people”. As the Mayor of Rochester Hills, I feel compelled to respond.

Admittedly, I don’t know what experiences led you to that opinion, but let me assure you, our community is anything but basic or narrow minded. In fact, we are and have been home to some of the brightest minds shaping our world. Our school district is one of the top performing in the state and boasts two Blue Ribbon Schools, the most in Michigan. Our Universities are among the fastest growing in the Midwest and are rich with cultural and ethnic diversity.

Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett (Photo by Tim Thompson/The Oakland Press)

Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett (Photo by Tim Thompson/The Oakland Press)

We design and build more robots than any other city in North America, and Rochester Hills residents and businesses have been granted over 900 patents, nearly one a day, over the last three years. Not a typical achievement you would associate with “simple or basic” people.

We are growing in many ways including in our economic, racial, and religious diversity. We are home to one of the largest Mosques in Metro Detroit and the largest Albanian Catholic church in the world outside of Albania. We have a growing senior population with a vibrant college town feel. In fact, these are just some of the factors Money Magazine used to select Rochester Hills as one of the top ten best places to live in America.

We are, or have been, home to quite a few amazing people who are known more for innovative thinking than provincial – Olympic gold medalists, NASCAR Champions, visionaries in the fields of medicine and education, and even a top selling global singer/songwriter.

Since the open letter to Madonna hit the Internet, everyone from local citizens to celebs have been showing support

Since the open letter to Madonna hit the Internet, everyone from local citizens to celebs have been showing support

That’s right. Despite your distaste for us, we actually have enshrined you on our Community Wall of Fame at the Van Hoosen Museum. Your portrait sits alongside Bertha Van Hoosen, one of the first women to graduate from the University of Michigan in 1888 and one of the world’s leading surgeons for nearly 60 years. A female trailblazer in the field of medicine at the university your daughter now attends.

Your picture hangs just a few feet from Helen Southgate Williams, a renowned author of children’s literature who was ultimately appointed to the International Board of Books, an agency of the United Nations and one of the highest recognitions possible in the field. I assume that would be of some interest to a fellow children’s author like yourself.

Two strong women, ahead of their time, and in all of my research, I could not find the terms, “basic or provincial minded” to describe them or their accomplishments.

Madonna, you have achieved unbelievable success and while we appreciate your talent and achievement, we expect you to appreciate ours.

Undoubtedly, we have changed in the 40 years since you cheered at Adams High School, but in many ways we have stayed the same. Our neighborhoods have long been filled with innovative, free-thinking leaders not afraid to make a difference; by generous, charitable people who care more about doing what they believe is right, than by what they read in the media.

We are many things, Madonna, but basic and provincial minded we are not!

I invite you back to Rochester Hills to see who we are and what we believe in. While we certainly don’t need your stamp of approval, I am quite confident we would earn it.

Bryan K. Barnett is mayor of Rochester Hills.

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