Medical marijuana moratorium extended

Rochester Hills City Council has approved a one-year extension of its moratorium on medical marijuana businesses.Two, six-month moratoriums were previously approved. The latest extension came at the request of the planning commission. City Attorney John Staran said the moratorium does not prohibit the private use of medical marijuana in compliance with the law. It does, however, mean the city will not approve dispensaries, growing operations and the like.

Planning Director Ed Anzek said officials around the state are frustrated that the legislature has so far not set any rules to clarify how municipalities are to deal with requests. In addition, he said the U.S. Department of Justice has indicated it will step up enforcement. He said the city would continue to monitor developments. 

Theresa Mungioli, president of the Rochester-Auburn Hills Community Coalition, said the moratorium should continue until the legislature acts.

“The voters did not approve in the legislation how to dispense the marijuana,” she said. “What we’ve seen in the coalition is there is an increased perception of a lack of harm.”

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