Medicine Cabinet Makeover with Essential Oils

Dealing with unexpected sickness, cuts, aches and pains is rarely something we plan for. So having an arsenal to battle it all is where a “medicine cabinet” comes in. But have you put much thought into just exactly what is in there? What is stashed away, waiting for you to desperately need it in a moment of crisis?

Most of our medicine cabinets are filled with old prescriptions, half-used bottles and creams. And the ever-expanding prescription and over-the-counter market attempts to provide us a cure for any malady that makes us miserable. But repercussions from the overuse of these remedies are slowly manifesting itself. MRSA, super bugs and prescription addictions are the dark side of the deal. Though conventional medications do a lot of good, there is also a danger to our heavy reliance on them.

Enter in the “newest,” old healing trick in the book: essential oils. Many people have begun to Allergyseek out the original ways humans helped cure and treat the simplest annoyances to the deadliest afflictions. Everything from depression to diabetes, to under-eye dark circles, can be significantly improved through this potent, yet pure resource.

Essential oil usage has exploded over the past couple years, so it’s relatively unknown to the average American. But all over, moms are beating colds, men are lowering cholesterol, veterans are recovering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and children are no longer dependent on allergy medication. Large hospitals, like the University of Michigan, have begun to tap into the benefits of essential oils for their patients. Even the traditional skeptic can no longer deny the naturally powerful properties of essential oils.

It is always wise to contact your doctor if you have initial concerns regarding your health, but essential oils are remarkably safe in contrast to conventional medications. Learning to use essential oils in your daily life, for the times expected and unplanned, can be amazingly life-changing.

Young Living Essential Oils will be at this weekend’s Earth Day Fest in downtown Rochester, Friday through Sunday. There you can find out more about how remarkable it can be to makeover your medicine cabinet.

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