Michigan Secretary of State – Get in Line from Anywhere with MI-TIME Line

This is excellent for those needing to use the Secretary of State (SOS) to renew tabs of anything else. Get in line now. Be seen right when you arrive.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson

UPDATED: Jocelyn Benson is the current Secretary of State (SOS) for the State of Michigan. This is an article about the SOS and is NOT monitored by the SOS. Comments may be helpful to other readers but are NOT read or responded to by SOS staff. Thank you.

For BEST results on immediate needs, begin your search at the SOS Website

You may now get in line online at Secretary of State MI-TIME Line participating offices. Join the line using your phone or the Web. When your turn in line nears, you will be alerted via text message or a call.

By Phone or Texting

Get in line by calling or sending a text message to the MI-TIME Line number set up for each participating office below.

You’ll get a confirmation text or call back and updates about when you’ll reach the front of the line. The call or text may not be from a local area code.

Please note: The phone number is only for getting in line. Customers may call 888-SOS-MICH (767-6424) with service questions.

At a Secretary of State Office

Customers still can visit a MI-TIME Line Secretary of State office normally. They can get a paper ticket from the MI-TIME Line kiosk or they can enter their mobile phone number to get in line as well. Touch the kiosk screen to begin and follow the instructions. You can leave to take care of other business and will be alerted when it’s your turn in line so you can come back to the office.


Get in line online at one of the participating offices OR schedule an appointment up to 60 days in advance at one of these participating offices by clicking on one of the links below.

To get started, choose an office. A map of the office is included to help you select the office closest to you. (NOTE: Only these offices shown offer the MI-TIME Line service.):

Genesee County:

Flint Area SUPER!CenterMany transactions can be done at ExpressSOS.com without even visiting a branch office.
5512 Fenton Rd., Flint, MI 48507
Call 810-213-6602 or text “flintsos” to 810-250-4164
Get Started Directions

Ingham County:

Capital Area SUPER!Center
3315 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI 48912
Call 517-507-4427 or text “capitalsos” to 517-721-7749
Get Started Directions

Jackson County:

Jackson County PLUS
1184 Jackson Crossing, Jackson, MI 49202
Call 517-879-1447 or text “jackson” to 559-588-4366
Get Started Directions

Kalamazoo County:

Kalamazoo County PLUS
3298 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49008
Call 269-459-7922 or text “kalamazoo” to 513-685-9196
Get Started Directions

Kent County:

Grand Rapids Area SUPER!Center
3665 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Call 616-988-3421 or text “grandrapidssos” to 616-710-3915
Get Started Directions

Northeast Kent County PLUS
3472 Plainfield Avenue, NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Call 616-710-3315 or text “plainfield” to 571-414-0207
Get Started Directions

Southwest Kent County PLUS
1056 Rogers Plaza SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
Call 616-420-8608 or text “wyoming” to 567-455-7660
Get Started Directions

Macomb County:

Clinton Township SUPER!Center The Branch Office Locator lets you find all Secretary of State offices and services
37015 S Gratiot Ave., Clinton Township, MI 48036
Call 586-486-3999 or text “clintonsos” to 586-649-3787
Get Started Directions

Southeast Macomb County PLUS
24040 Harper Ave., Saint Clair Shores, MI 48080
Call 586-460-7067 or text “stclair” to 608-478-0793
Get Started Directions

Southwest Macomb County PLUS
11533 E. 12 Mile Rd., Warren, MI 48093
Call 586-693-7323 or text “warren” to 575-219-4952
Get Started Directions

Oakland County:

East Oakland County PLUS
1111 E Long Lake Rd., Troy, MI 48085
Call 248-928-1227 or text “eoaklandsos” to 248-918-0527
Get Started Directions

North Oakland County PLUS
7090 Sashabaw Road Clarkston, MI 48348
Call 248-507-4559 or text “clarkston” to 567-335-0262
Get Started Directions

Oakland County SUPER!Center
1270 Pontiac Rd., Pontiac, MI 48340
Call 248-209-6999 or text “oaklandsos” to 248-929-0492
Get Started Directions

South Oakland County PLUS
25263 Telegraph Rd., Southfield, MI 48033
Call 248-304-7907 or text “soaklandsos” to 248-213-8756
Get Started Directions

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  1. Any idea why the sos office in Oakland County, Novi isn’t available to sign in online today 1/9/2017

  2. This definitely doesn’t work as it should, it was far better off before when you just went in took a # and waited. Every time I used this appt I waited for 2!hours regardless of appt time. Someone from sos needs to make appt and try waiting and see just how system works. At least that’s how things are at office on Beck Rd in Novi

  3. George Etheridge says

    Yes, I would like to take my written test to get a driving permit.

  4. why wont any of the locations let me get in line through text? there are no appointments available and this is how ive always done it

  5. Phil Van Kampen says

    Wondering why I can’t remote get in line today. Says Wednesday available from 11:30-4:00 and it’s 11:55 and I’ve tried several times and it wont let me. Great idea if it worked.

    • Jessica Field says

      looks like they aren’t doing to the get in line by text anymore. i just tried with the Troy location and it said you can only do the prior # thing with an actual appointment.

  6. All good questions … please follow up with the SOS directly.

  7. Please help me get my appointment tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.

  8. I am try to get a appointment at the Secretary of State in Coldwater, Michigan what to make it today for Danny and Marj, please and thank you very much for the appointment today.

  9. Larry Kaser says

    I am in Coldwater MI trying to get new tag mind expired June 3, what can I do to get it, I’ve asked for appointment, no help.

    • Hi Larry, we hear your pain. Unfortunately, as a news outlet, we do not have the means to help you get an appointment. Please follow the links … call or email. You may also reach out to your local Michigan Representative for help. Best wishes.

  10. Jessie Mckinney says

    verification of appointment

  11. Constance Williams says

    I’m trying to make a appointment for a Handicap sticker. It won’t let me do it.
    It says I can’t do same day appointment.
    I’m not trying to do same day.

    • So many folks have trouble with the SOS website. However, we are a news outlet and we just ran this story about the Michigan Secretary of State. You still need to contact them directly. Best Wishes!

  12. Nancy M. Dimitri says

    I been trying to get my handicap tab renewed. I have a Dr slip. Been trying to renew in mail. I get the runaround. Heard of someone from the SOS office. She said I could go in-person. Don’t need appt. Been trying to get in line. Can’t find number. Why is it so hard for me to get my handicap tab? I have all my info. Dr. Slip Old handicap card number. Please advise.

  13. so we no longer have to make appt i just txt there # and i will get in same day
    i am trying to sell my car and need to go inside i was told i had to make appt well guess
    what all appt are used up til december

  14. Jerome Victor Black says

    I need to purchase a license plate for my new utility trailer, plus pay the sale tax to the state for the original purchase. Where do it begin?

  15. Emily Yankovich says

    I need to renew my handicap placard, as it expires on the 7th of this month and am not getting any reaction from your office. Have sent 2 requests in the past 2 weeks and gotten no response. Phoning your department is a joke. Unable to make an appointment on the web. Need help with this issue. Please respond, Thank You.

  16. Alicia Wright says

    I just wanted a tittle to get my car out of impond

  17. Victor Hakim says

    This system is awful! I say vote Benson OUT! Time to go and get someone who will make the SOS work!!!!!!!!

  18. Tetrie Nandalall says

    i wish if this system work faster than now so i can get my title taken care off and the insurance can close my claim after my car was stolen from my driveway its getting worst cause i have to walk to work until i can get an appointment with secretary of state its very awful please help and thank u

  19. Joe Williams says

    How am I supposed to transfer title and register my car when I cannot get an appointment until January 2021.

    I cannot walk in to a SOS office. I must use the appointment only…

    Please enlighten me.


  20. Dorothy J Brock says

    I’m trying to get my address changed so I can vote in my new district I just moved

  21. Patty Hines says

    Trying to get a new plate came today in the mail a replacement. I needed a brand new plate not replacement. I bought a new car and transfer the old plates on new car. My old car now is without plates. I tried on line so I sent the form and a money order for plates for the old car. They got it mixed up somehow and sent a replacement that I don’t need. I need a totally new plate for the car. So the car is still going to sit. I need it now this has been sent once Oct. 1st.

  22. DeAndre Davis says

    It’s been very incompetent and extremely inconveniencing during the pandemic to get my car and insurance registered, months for a actual appointment and a total chaos as far as money is spent. Ppl selling actual appointments and none of the daily precautions are able to be handled because of COVID. It’s been a very frustrating hassle.

  23. How can you renew your drivers license by appointment when the appointment is months past your expiration
    Can you drive until ur appointment
    Please advise

    • William Cowan says

      My driver’s license is about to expire plates also, tried many times to make appointment no luck just said to over crowded, SO NOW WHAT ? Can I drive and go to work and buy food or what this is your incompetence, guess I’ll drive anyway get pulled over and go to court, WASTE MORE TAXES PAYERS MONEY

  24. I could not get a appointment back in sept It just let me and it’s all the way in March my license expired 11/02. Now do I have to pay late charge and can I drive ???

  25. Tim Featherston says

    What did you do!!! This system USED to Work. Now EVERYTHING is messed up. Go back to the old secretary of state. Jocelyn Benson is an idiot and should be fired! This is the worst system I have ever tried to deal with!!

  26. William Cowan says

    My driver’s license is about to expire plates also, tried many times to make appointment no luck just said to over crowded, SO NOW WHAT ?

  27. Denise Davison says

    I have been trying to make an app’t. My license expires in January. I can’t make any sense out of this system. It’s very frustrating! I guess I will have to drive with an expired license. This is a ridiculous system. You can’t get in touch with anyone who can help!!!!

  28. Wayne mullins says

    Been trying to get appointment to renew my CDL license for about 2/3 months now and they expire in December and I must get this done since this is my means of working & taking care of my family. I am a over road truck driver and never know exactly when I will be home , but will be off road during holiday so hoping I can get this done while off but this is a bad setup for people like me thats not home everyday or even once a week. Usually gone 6 to 8 weeks and then only home on Friday evening till Sunday morning and sos closed so whats a person to do.!!!!

  29. EmogenePush 5179266061 says

    I’m 85 & my husbands caregiver my driver lisence expired in April I only drive to DR church & grocery’s I also need my handicap renewed I need app in Chelsea branch Thank you

  30. Shawn D. Newman. says

    I need to put new plates on pickup S10 Chevy for driving legal.

  31. George Robinson says

    why can’t i get an appointment i’ tried the last 3 days at 8 am and 12 noon can’t get through is there another way this is not fair i’m going to drive anyways !!!!

  32. Pamela J Kohler says

    Try now its April 10, 2021. The whole state of Michigan is opening up inside on June 01, 2021

  33. Robert J Sessler says

    I am trying to make an appointment to renew my driver license using your website but it won’t show me any dates between now and May 26, 2021 when my license expires. Help!!!

  34. So many folks have trouble with the SOS website. However, we are a news outlet and we just ran this story about the Michigan Secretary of State. You still need to contact them directly. Best Wishes!

  35. Bernie Lipka says

    The SOS system does not work! The site overloaded at 8:00 a.m., then appointments are unavailable.

  36. Bill Garmon says

    Who pays the fines and fees when penalties are assessed because you’re unable to make/get a timely appointment to do those transactions at the S.O.S.? $15.00 for title transfer after two weeks and I don’t know if a ticket comes with a fine for driving on an expired temporary plate. Bought the vehicle from an out of state dealer who said paperwork had to be mailed to a specific branch, but the branch doesn’t have it 12 days after it was mailed. No way to call and find out. Must go through the appointment process and hope somebody found it when you get there otherwise time there is wasted not to mention it takes about 2 hours every day trying to make an appointment. Why not have the branch notify by telephone or email when paperwork from out of state dealers are received?

  37. John Stottele says

    I got an appointment but did not note the date and location. Where can I look that up?

  38. Tim Featherston says

    Why doesn’t the SOS in Clio show up on the list? I DO NOT want to go to Flint!!!

  39. Dennis Castelnuovo says

    I have an appointment for 1/6/1600 but no information on where

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