Missing Coonhound McKenzie

Just South of Rochester Hills, mostly in the Troy Area, posters for a lost dog named McKenzie are still up and sightings are still coming in. The wandering Treeing Walker Coonhound went missing June 22, 2016 from a residence in Ferndale. She was spooked by fireworks being set off and jumped a fence. She ran in a blind panic and has been lost ever since. A vigilant campaign was launched to keep the word out that she is still being seen. Throughout the past year McKenzie’s owner, Cindy Booth, has received dozens of phone calls from people throughout Troy and Clawson that have seen her dog. These sightings have been confirmed by Jordina Thorp, owner of Lost Dog Tracking and Capture, and her team of scent dogs.

Missing Coonhound McKenzie

Missing Coonhound McKenzie

McKenzie most recently has been sighted in the northeast areas of Troy and given her patterns for following the drain system it is not inconceivable that she has crossed into Rochester on her travels. She is finding food at feeding stations for feral cats and the drains provide a water source. Many people question why after all this time she has not been caught.

When I got McKenzie she was a scared dog in a shelter up north, terrified of all people and just wanted to go into hiding everywhere in my home for the first year I had her. After years of working with her confidence she was actually comfortable around family and even some strangers. Unfortunately she never got over her fear of loud noises, so when some fire crackers went off while she was at a friends house, I wasn’t there for her to run to so she did what she did best and went into hiding. She is back to being afraid of people, so she runs from anyone that tries to approach her. She is still being seen, so I know she is ok. I need the person that see’s her to not approach but to call me right away so I can arrange to get her myself or trap her. She is family, and I won’t stop trying to get her home as long as I know she is still out there.”

For more information please ask to join the Finding McKenzie Facebook PageIt currently has over 2700 members that check for updates and share her story. Please contact Cindy Booth at 586-604-6555 if you feel you have seen her.

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