Missing Rochester Hills Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot

Harley went missing on May 29, 2020, near Adams and Tienken Roads. He was last seen at Stoney Creek Metropark. He will call out in the evening and them quiet down by sunset. UPDATE: Harley has been reunited with its owners.

A filer with a photo of the bird

Harley is a Blue and Gold Adult Macaw Parrot

Check out the Lost and Found Birds in Michigan Facebook Page for more about Harley and other missing birds.

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  1. African Grey Parrot says

    There are 3 recognized species of African gray

    Psittacus erithacus Erithacus:
    Commonly known as Congo, African grey, Grey Parrot, Jaco, or Gabon gray. About 36 cm long, 450 to 600 grams. Ash gray plumage, bright red tail. Equatorial Africa.

    Psittacus erithacus princeps:
    Also known as Ghanaian Gray, West African Gray, or Boyd Alexander. Looks a lot like Congo parrot, but a little smaller. The Island of Principé and Fernando Po in the Gulf of Guinea.

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