More than $500 in stolen Bath & Body Works merchandise; a melted mailbox and more in this week’s Crime Files

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Curious about some of the latest crime catches in the area?

Check out this week’s police reports from the Rochester Hills Police Department.

Bath & Body Works theft makes out with more than $500 worth of products

On Friday, June 7, Rochester Hills Police investigated $562 worth of stolen items from Bath & Body Works on Rochester Road. The store’s manager called the department when she noticed two display cases of products were missing from the sales floor. A collection of men’s cologne and body wash were taken along with a case of 36 lip balm products. The store estimates the total cost of stolen items is around $562. There is no video surveillance and it is only known that the suspect is female.

Fencing stolen from renovation project

On Monday, June 3, officers met with a Research Drive company to learn more about missing fence parts and materials. The company is undergoing renovation and had chain link fencing and the accompanying top railing and metal bands set aside to be used when new poles were put in. But before they could be set up, someone stole 60 feet of fencing, 40 feet of top railing and 30 metal bands. It has not been estimated how much the missing materials cost. There is no video surveillance to review and there are no suspects at this time.

Melted mailbox leaves resident without suspect

On Saturday, June 1, Rochester Hills Police investigated a report of arson at a Devonwood Drive residence. On the day of the report, a mail carrier alerted the homeowner of the damaged mailbox. The night prior, the owner’s black mailbox and red newspaper box were burned leaving them melted and hanging from the mailbox’s pole. The wooden pole holding the mailbox in place in front of the owner’s home was also charred, according to reports. The resident remembered grabbing the mail the night before but did not hear or see any suspicious activity after. No other mailboxes in the neighborhood were damaged. Officers told the homeowner to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior in the future. There is no further information at this time.

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