Multitasking Mom on the Move

I admit, I tweeze my eyebrows and put my makeup on in the car. Call me crazy, but for a busy mom, it’s about the only time I have to stare at myself close up in a mirror. In my defense, I only do it when stopped at a light. Not to mention that I sit for at least five minutes at the Avon and Livernois intersection, shuttling the kids to and from school everyday. Quite honestly, I am writing this article on my iPhone at that exact location.

I know I’m not alone in my inability to “single task” though. Life continues to become more and more fast paced everyday — to the point that time has undoubtedly become our society’s most precious commodity. Years ago, we assumed technology was going to help us get things done so much faster, that we wouldn’t even know what to do with our ample free-time.  Instead, if you are like me, you simply are trying to cram even more into your day than before. You try to answer emails during your children’s sports practice, or you listen to audio books while driving to maximize your commute. It seems we cannot waste a single second of our day or we’ll end up falling behind on our demands.

I had always been so proud of my multitasking prowess, and thought it was one of my greatest personality advantages. Now though, as I grow older, I find that intentionally taking moments to just stop and focus on one thing or person, are more important than before. I’m learning to become proficient in putting the phone down, letting the laundry pile up, and embracing baseball cap hair. By making peace with the quantity of my accomplishments, I’m gaining richer moments with the people that matter.

I used to joke with my husband and say, “No hugging in the kitchen,” because I was always in the middle of something, and would get agitated that I had to pause for a moment. I’m slowly learning now to be okay with those great interruptions. As I become more conscious of where my focus is, I still seem to need a daily reminder to slow down. A good friend blessed me today with scones and with the encouragement to just relax and enjoy a rare afternoon off. At first I mentioned that I’d have to do at least something, but I think I’ll take her wise advice. Who knows, maybe today I’ll even drop the laundry basket and dance in the hallway!

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  1. Well said, Heidi. I, too, constantly fight the urge to do ‘one more thing’ and am really trying to slow down, keep the phone in my purse so I can’t hear it, and just chill out once in awhile. I’ve even read 2 books this year already….that NEVER happens! See you soon…

  2. Heidi- Loved your article. I’m glad you are thinking about stopping – slowing down and taking time. It’s hard- especially when you have so much on your plate, and so much energy!

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