New grandpa Rep. Tom McMillin files for State Senate on Friday

Two days after his first grandchild was born, Rep. Tom McMillin (R – Rochester Hills) officially filed to run for State senate in the 13th district in Oakland County.

Rep. Tom McMillin

Rep. Tom McMillin

McMillin said, “Little Brooklynne Frezza was born to my daughter and her husband on Wednesday. She is my first grandchild and while she doesn’t have an older brother, I don’t want her growing up in a world where she’ll have to worry about Big Brother.”

“I’m running for State Senate to continue the fight for smaller, more efficient and transparent government; against big intrusive government, including the growing surveillance state and government growing its way into every corner of our lives; and against the assault on local control of our public schools,” said McMillin.

Tom’s daughter Jessica and her husband, Chris and Brooklynne live in Lapeer, Michigan.

McMillin filed the forms necessary to run for the 13th State Senate district on Friday, March 7 at the Oakland County Clerk’s office. The 13th State Senate district is comprised of Rochester Hills, Rochester, Troy, Royal Oak, Birmingham, Clawson, Berkley and the city of Bloomfield Hills.

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