New iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

According to Apple’s official invitation to its upcoming event features a bold number 12 with the shadow of a number 5 below it. A message reads: “It’s almost here.”

The company is expected to officially release the iPhone 5, whether that is actually its name or not, on Sept. 12.

Reports say the new iPhone will feature a four-inch screen, up from the 3.5-inch models in the iPhones since they debuted in 2007, according to Reuters. Analysts have said the increased display is an answer to Samsung’s Android larger phones, who have passed the iPhones in smartphone sales.

Macworld reports that the new iPhone should be thinner and lighter, and may feature 4G/LTE connectivity. But it is not likely to offer Near Field Communications, a wireless system where users can process payments by swiping their phones.

And CNET reports that images of the new device are showing an updated 8-pin dock connector that would replace the 30-pin iOS connector. The processor is expected to be upgraded, but the front and rear-facing cameras may not.

A new iPad mini is rumored to follow the iPhone release sometime in October. Some stories are saying the smaller model may feature a 7.85-inch screen. And the iPod Nano and Touch are also rumored to be getting improvements.

According to ABC News, Amazon is said to be unveiling a new 7-inch Kindle Fire next week. The iPad mini would be Apple’s first effort in that branch of the market.

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