No-frills, bare-bones fundraising group celebrates 1-year anniversary in Rochester area

According to their press release, the concept of 100 Women Who Care is: 100 women. $100 each. $10,000 to a single charity in a single hour.

Celebrating perhaps the most efficient fundraising concept yet, 100 Women Who Care image002 (an innovative, grassroots charity group) will celebrate its first year in operation with its fourth meeting and charity collection on Wednesday, May 14, 2014. On this date, at least 160 women members from the Rochester area will meet for one hour and award $16,000+ to a local charity that is yet to be named. This will be the fourth time the group will make a sizable, surprise, swift donation to meet urgent needs.

Although there are dozens of 100 Women Who Care groups throughout the state, the Greater Rochester group met for the first time in June 2013. Since that time, they have awarded more than $50,000 to three charities in their immediate area. All 100 Women groups follow the same efficient formula to bring immediate financial support to local charities. Here’s how it works.

One hundred women (or more) come to an hour-long meeting, committed to writing a $100 check before they leave. Each woman is allowed to submit the name of her favorite charity (usually one to which she is somehow personally connected) and if chosen, is prepared to “pitch” that charity to the group. Three slips are randomly selected each meeting and those three women give a five-minute presentation about what their charity needs. Within the hour, a vote is taken, a single charity is selected, and 100+ women each write a $100 check directly to the chosen charity. Just like that, the $100 checks add up to a $10,000+ donation that provides an immediate windfall to local people in need—that very day!

“The power is in the numbers,” said Amy Whipple, one of the founding members of the Greater Rochester group of 100 Women Who Care. “A bunch of small donations add up quickly to a large donation with great impact. At last count, we had 161 members and we are grateful for any new members at any time. It’s never too late to start helping.”

The next meeting of the 100 Women Who Care-Greater Rochester Area will be Wednesday, May 14, 2014, from 7-8 p.m., at St. John Fisher Chapel in Auburn Hills. (Located at 3665 E. Walton Blvd) The regular meeting, which generally takes less than its allotted hour, will be followed by casual refreshments and snacks to celebrate the group’s one-year anniversary.

The Greater Rochester group, under the leadership of longtime friends, Amy Whipple, Linda Chayka and Barbara Donohoe, is proud to be part of an effort where 100% of the donations go directly to the chosen charity.

The Rochester group held its first meeting in June 2013 and meets four times per year, with each member pledging to donate $100 per meeting for an annual total of $400.

The other winning charities thus far were: New Day Foundation (providing temporary financial support for families battling cancer); the Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan (who direct Operation School Bell, which gives clothing and school supplies to needy kids); and CCRT—the Catholic Community Response Team in Pontiac (helping with urgent, direct basic needs like paying utility bills, rent, or purchasing groceries).

For more information on the 100 Women group or to sign a commitment form, visit the website:, or contact Amy Whipple at or (586) 254-1560.

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