Oakdale Academy, The Choice for Classical Christian Education

7 Reasons Why Oakdale Academy is the Best Educational Choice for Your Family

At Oakdale Academy, your child will experience:

1.  A Christ-centered environment that supports the spiritual instruction by the family and the church.

2.  Rigorous academic standards that equip students and challenge them to reach their full potential.

3.  A curriculum focused on primary texts that emphasize character, truth, and wisdom.OakdaleAcademy1

4.  A student culture that promotes respect, humility, kindness, self-control, hard work, leadership, and healthy competition.

5.  Low student-to-teacher ratio with individualized attention.

6.  Teachers who are experienced professionals with an average of 14+ years in the classroom. Eighty-five percent of our staff have either earned Master’s degrees or have completed significant hours in a graduate program.

7.  Low tuition compared to other private schools in the region.

Christ-centered Learning

One of the challenges of a classical Christian school is helping families to understand what it is and why it is so.  This is partly due to the modern notion of placing value only on things we can consume and use and things we think will help us accumulate more things we can consume and use.  In the world of education, this translates to valuing learning skills that will get us a job.  The classical Christian view of education is not simply a different methodology, but also a rethinking of the purpose of learning as well as understanding the value of the individual created in the image of God.

Education is so much more than getting into college and getting a job and making money.  We educate because it is incumbent upon us as Christians to do so; because we are created in the image of our Creator and He is the source of all knowledge and wisdom.  We honor God when we learn all that we can about the world into which He has placed us for such a time as this, so that we can do what He has called us to do and do it with excellence, courage, and with as much wisdom as possible – when we do everything as unto the Lord.  We are called to have the mind of Christ, to think on what is true, noble, excellent, and praiseworthy.

We pursue education because we want to be more like Christ.  We pursue Character because we need to be people of integrity to do the right thing in the times ahead.  We pursue Truth because we need to have an answer for relativism.  We pursue Wisdom because we need an effective weapon against our own ignorance.

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