Oakland Christian Cross Country Midnight Madness

AUBURN HILLS — While most athletes were in bed around midnight Tuesday, dreaming and anticipating the first day of fall sports, those who plan on running cross-country at Auburn Hills Oakland Christian were not.

Those diehards met up at 11:30 — that’s p.m. — Tuesday night and began a stroll at just a few minutes after 12 midnight to go for a one-hour run workout, as part of Midnight Run Madness.

“I know that they do this in other sports, the whole Midnight Madness, especially in basketball,” explained veteran Oakland Christian cross-country coach Brian Crump. “I thought, ‘why not. Why not with cross-country?’”

So just a few minutes into the dark, morning hours Wednesday, some 20 athletes went for a late night stroll through the campus and surrounding streets in eastern Auburn Hills — with flashlights. READ MORE HERE

Dan Stickradt