Oakland County Board of Commissioners call for Transparency of Detroit Water & Sewer Department Records

On Thursday, February 6, 2014, Oakland County Commissioners will present a resolution regarding a newly selected bi-partisan study group by Oakland County Board Chairman Michael Gingell. The group will look into the methods and also the finances and rates  charged to Oakland County rate payers by the Detroit Water & Sewer Department at the Detroit Water & SewageBoard’s 9:30 a.m. meeting.

Many questions have to be answered and the Oakland County Board of Commissioners will do their due diligence on this issue. The Board’s study group will give Oakland County residents a voice in the matter by hosting a series of town hall meetings in different sections of the county.

The Board of Commissioners’ study group will review the proposed adjustment plan and regionalization of the Detroit Water & Sewer Department, which calls for a 40-year multi-billion dollar investment by Oakland County rate payers. A significant amount of Oakland County is serviced by the Detroit Water and Sewer System.

“The future structure of the Detroit water and sewer system is a significant issue for Oakland County residents. It is important that regional cooperation in this matter is fair and all parties provide open and transparent access to information.  Therefore, as the Legislative branch of Oakland County we will form a committee to work closely with the County Executive to make the voice and concerns of our residents heard,” stated Chairman Michael Gingell.

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