Oakland County Commissioner Marcia Gershenson Lends Support to Nonprofit GO Effect

On Saturday, May 3 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., GO Effect will be hosting GO Voice at the Avondale High School Auditorium in Auburn Hills, MI. The event is open to people of all ages.

GO Effect, whose focus is on youth leadership training and mentorship, sees GO Voice as an opportunity to empower the next generation of leaders. Aaron Donaghy, Chief Executive Officer for the organization, explains further: “During this last year, we talked to a lot of students and we heard the same thing over and over again: no one listens to us. We created GO Voice as a forum for them to say what they believe about their world, their community, and the change they are making in it.”

“Everyone’s story is unique and has value. GO Voice is a testimony to this. But even more, GO Voice is a testimony of students and adults doing impossible things in their schools, their communities and around the world. It is a testimony to the importance of looking beyond ourselves to impact others,” explains Lisa Zelenak, Chief Communications Officer for GO Effect.

Besides local students, the event will also feature speakers Elijah Miles of Baltimore, MD, David McGhee of Flint, MI, and Jarvis Brown of Detroit, MI, as well as “Beasts of the Beat,” a young rap group from Highland Park, MI. Throughout the morning, there will opportunities for audience members to engage one-on-one with the speakers and other attendees.

Marcia Gershenson, Oakland County Commissioner, describes the non-profit organization in this way: “GO Effect is an exciting group of young leaders who understand the importance of mentorship and giving a voice to the young people in our community. I’m proud to be involved with, and help mentor, this growing youth demographic.”

There is still plenty of time left to register for this event! In order to keep GO Voice accessible to everyone, the ticket price is donation only and suggested at $10. For tickets and event details, visit www.stayclassy.org/govoice.

About GO Effect: GO Effect, started in 2010 by school teacher Aaron Donaghy with the help of high school and college students, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit specializing in youth leadership development and mentorship. Through free and open leadership events, small group training sessions, after-school clubs, and global partnerships, GO Effect has created an engaging and challenging leadership curriculum that combines opportunities for individual growth with a supportive network of other youth and mentors.  Hundreds of students across Michigan have been positively impacted by the organization, and the resulting leadership initiatives undertaken by those students have had far-reaching effects in places such as Tanzania and Haiti. By developing leaders who have the ability to develop our world, GO Effect is shifting perspectives and showing everyone the positive impact that youth can have on others in their local communities and worldwide. More information about GO Effect can be found at: http://www.goeffect.org.

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