Oakland County Officials announce Veterans Internship Program

Oakland County Commissioner Jim Runestad (R-White Lake) and Dave Woodward (D-Royal Oak) are proud to announce the creation of the Oakland County Veterans Internship Program which is currently being implemented.

Oakland County, in conjunction with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, will be hiring qualified Veterans as interns in several county departments. The Veteran interns will be pre-screened by VA Employment Services Specialists prior to being sent to the County for consideration.

The program provides on the job experiences and training for Vets who are transitioning back into civilian employment. The County is recruiting current County employees who are Veterans to assist the interns, by mentoring them, and providing further assistance in their transition from the military.

“Since 2012, I have championed this cause. I am very pleased to see that our vision has come to pass. I commend the County’s Human Resources Division and United States Department of Veterans Affairs for coming together to establish what I believe can be a model program for all  businesses and  governmental units. I appreciate the bi-partisan support that has been given to this effort and the work of my colleague, Commissioner Dave Woodward,” stated Oakland County Commissioner Jim Runestad.

Sharing the sentiments of Commissioner Runestad, Commissioner Woodward, stated “Our hope is that this program provides a useful path to civilian life for our veterans and is a demonstration of our thanks for the men and women who serve our country.”

For more information about the Veterans Internship Program, call Commissioner Jim Runestad at (248) 802-5500, Commissioner Dave Woodward at (248) 894-6650, and Oakland County Human Resources Analyst III Specialist Frank Russell at (248) 858-5204

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