Oakland Township has a New Manager

On March 16, 2015, Warren Brown started his first day as Township Manager for Oakland Township. He replaces Ann Capela—previous Township Manager of two years—who resigned in September of last year.

Oakland Township LogoThe Township Board of Trustees had narrowed their search to three candidates in January. Warren Brown, Michael Rogers, and Darrell Fecho were in the running. On February 10, at a trustee meeting, Trustee Robin Buxar motioned to extend an offer of employment to Brown as the Oakland Township Manager. Trustee Mike Bailey seconded the motion, which passed 5-2. Also supporting the motion was Treasurer Jeanne Langlois, Trustee John Giannangeli, and Clerk Karen Reilly. The opposition was Supervisor Terry Gonser and Trustee Maureen Thalmann.

A final contract was voted on at a February 24 meeting. Brown’s annual salary will be $92,500. It’s a three-year deal and comes with the use of a township vehicle.

Why Oakland Township Manager?

“The obvious commitment, as evidenced by millage approvals, to care for preservation of the township’s natural beauty,” said Warren Brown, “The township operations are similar enough to my former county operations that I believe the adjustment period will be short and just different enough to challenge me to learn ‘on the fly,’” continued Brown about his applying for the position.

According to the Spring Township Newsletter, Brown is “an avid outdoorsman, he enjoys bicycling, fishing, hunting, weightlifting, is an accomplished vocalist and plays the bass guitar. Warren has expressed his sincere desire to bring his A-game to the operations of Oakland Township.”

Warren Brown is the new Oakland Township Manager

Warren Brown is the new Oakland Township Manager

From Ohio

His immediate past employer was Sandusky County as county administrator, a job he had since 2010. Before that, he held an elected positon as Clerk of Courts, also with Sandusky County, from 2001-2009.

His wife Wendy of 35 years and his adult children remain in Ohio. Brown has decided to “maintain a residence in Lake Orion, just 7-9 minutes away.”

Challenges for Brown and the Township

“From a high-level perspective, it seems that the most important issues facing the OT [Oakland Township] are not a secret – water supply/quality and careful growth/development,” said Brown. “I believe I will be instrumental by making sure the day-to-day operations flow smoothly. As the larger issues/challenges arise and need attention I will offer a questioning insight as we probe for answers and look at solving problems.”

Rochester Media and The Community Edge welcome Warren Brown to Michigan and to Oakland Township. We look forward to working with Brown to keep our readers up-to-speed and All Things in and Around Rochester and Rochester Hills and Oakland Township!


Photos Courtesy of Oakland Township and The Oakland Press


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