Oakland Township Historic District Commission Awarded Grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation

Oakland1The Oakland Township Historic District Commission (HDC) has been awarded a $2,500 grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) to support a Cultural Landscape Report for Cranberry Lake Farm (CLF) Historic District. The funds are issued through the Michigan Preservation Fund and is the highest amount awarded.

Commissioner Gene Ferrera said, “The HDC and Oakland Township government is appreciative of the NTHP grant as it recognizes both the desire and past actions of the community to protect the Township history. This grant is especially welcome as it addresses the sometimes overlooked heritage in a communities’ landscaping history and it leads to the ultimate goal of restoring and protecting the visual environment.”

Oakland2A Cultural Landscape Report (CLR) is the primary report that documents the history, significance and treatment of a cultural landscape. A CLR evaluates the history and integrity of the landscape including its geographical context, features, materials, and use.   Like historic buildings and districts, these special places reveal aspects of our country’s origins and development through their form and features. The treatment and management of a cultural landscape should also be considered in connection with the management of an entire historic property. They include management plans, interpretive plans, exhibit design, and historic structure reports. Thus, documentation, treatment, and ongoing management require a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach.

The National Trust is a privately funded non-profit organization supporting worthwhile preservation initiatives throughout the United States. CLF Historic District is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The HDC is excited about the award and working towards goals that aid in developing CLF as a community historical center.

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